Hello, my name is Liva

I'm a writer mentor. I help you start writing in small, easy steps, if you've never done it before, and I help you build your skill and improve as a writer in a caring, easy and respectful way.

I've dedicated myself to helping both new and seasoned writers improve their craft because I love to share my (hard earned) knowledge of how to avoid the pitfalls of the creative process and to help other writers find joy and confidence in their craft.

I don't just work with your writing, but with you as a unique and amazing person as well. I will work with you and your text to help you find the answers, tools and methods that work for you to get you writing that novel in quick and easy steps. 


How I went from insecure and vulnerable to being a confident writer

I started writing stories when I was very young. In the beginning it was mostly a survival mechanism, my grandmother had just died, my mother was grieving terribly, and I felt very, very alone and almost invisible for a while. But in the stories I wrote, even though my characters suffered in their path through the plot, I was safe.

But here’s the thing – for ages, until I reached my mid-twenties, nobody in my life, neither family, close friends, school-friends or colleagues, had the faintest idea I was a writer because having someone read my stories was so incredibly vulnerable. And I was frankly terrified of it.

Eventually, I reached a point where my writing had grown so important to me, I had to tell someone. Had to have other eyes on my stories, to figure out if they were as good and as readable as I thought they were.
…And then of course I chose to let someone read it who tore me down for personal reasons, which discouraged me from writing for a long time. The critique I got was simply criticism, raw, useless and very dispiriting.

I was really devastated, and it took me years, and a lot of soul searching, before I was ready to let someone near my words again. Thankfully, in my early thirties I found some readers who managed to help me build up my stories by giving both kind and helpful and respectful critique and praise I could grow with as a writer.

Me as a Writer today

Because I was lucky to find kind, compassionate and respectful readers, I began to fully realise that the stories I wrote were valuable and good and I began looking back at all the times my writing had been grinding to a screeching halt.

I honestly don’t think there’s a kind of writer’s block or writing “mistake” I’ve not had or been guilty of :)
But I began to put all of it into system, so I could figure out how to avoid these pitfalls in the future.

Today, I know myself, my reactions and my love of writing well enough that I can see a writer’s block coming a mile off. And that means I can take my precautions beforehand if I really need to. (Though honestly – and I know this sounds strange – I love a good writer’s block. If approached right, it can be a kind of recharge time, and when my writing boots up again, I always find new inspiration.)

Every writer is unique, and I’ve been through a lot of different methods to ensure I didn’t stop doing something I really love.

My writing today is more confident and free-flowing than I could have ever imagined back in the day and it’s something that brings me a lot of joy in my everyday life. But there are still a lot of ways I can get better and I’m always gently testing my limits and trying to improve my storytelling, descriptions, characterisations, writing methods… everything.

The wonderful thing about the writer head-space I’m in now is that I’m confident my stories are good and confident in my ability to improve. I’ve come to see my writing as an emotional journey where the different “flavours” of the individual stories are a sort of mirror to see myself in. It can never be wrong, and little by little, with care and attention, I keep improving.

Me as your Writer Mentor

Because I’ve felt how painful and destructive it is to make yourself vulnerable to someone and have them not be capable of shouldering that responsibility, I’m deeply committed to helping writers become better at their craft and more secure in their skills.

I am the reader who helps you build up your story, not the one who tears it down.

Respect is the keyword. Respect, for you as a writer and a person with doubts and vulnerabilities. Respect for the story, its goal and its style. Respect for your process of writing and especially for your feelings for your work.

I know exactly how vulnerable it is when you let someone read your stories for the first time! But I also know you are here because you have a story you need to tell and you need someone to read it to have a perspective on it or need someone to help you through the process of actually getting it written.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or a seasoned writer.

I’ll help you make the most of your story, be your brainstorming partner if you need to construct a plot, be your sparring partner if you need to tweak a character to make your writing flow more freely, your editor if you need fresh eyes on the language and structure of your story.
I’ll be the one encouraging and cheering for you or the time-manager if you need someone to help you set up deadlines and improve your writing discipline. If you’ve hit a creative wall and can’t move on, or you are stuck in a writer’s block, I will help you get back on track with small, easy steps.

I will challenge you to keep you on your toes, but I will never push you somewhere you don’t want to go. I will be there for you every step of the way for as long as you need it.

So, how does this work? Click the writer mentor-button below and let me show how I can help you.

               “You can make anything by writing.”
                                                                    ― C. S. Lewis

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